sqlserver 查询各表的容量占用,空间条数

if exists(select 1 from tempdb..sysobjects where id=object_id(‘tempdb..#tabName’) and xtype=’u’)
drop table #tabName
create table #tabName(
tabname varchar(100),
rowsNum varchar(100),
reserved varchar(100),
data varchar(100),
index_size varchar(100),
unused_size varchar(100)

declare @name varchar(100)
declare cur cursor for
select name from sysobjects where xtype=’u’ order by name
open cur
fetch next from cur into @name
while @@fetch_status=0
insert into #tabName
exec sp_spaceused @name
–print @name

fetch next from cur into @name
close cur
deallocate cur

select tabname as ‘表名’,rowsNum as ‘表数据行数’,reserved as ‘保留大小’,data as ‘数据大小’,index_size as ‘索引大小’,unused_size as ‘未使用大小’
from #tabName
–where tabName not like ‘t%’
order by cast(rowsNum as int) desc

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